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Class Location: Caplan School
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Ethics Courses · Schedule

  • Ethics in Today’s Real Estate World – 3 Ethics Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • Understanding Procuring Cause – 3 Ethics Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • Ethics and Moral Issues – 3 Ethics Credits – $30 · Schedule

Core Courses · Schedule

  • Whose Agent are You? – 3 Core Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • Agent Prepared Contracts & Attorney Review – 3 Core Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • Property Disclosure for the Real Estate Professional – 4 Core Credits – $40 · Schedule
  • Fair Housing – Then and Now – 3 Core Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • License Laws and Rules – 3 Core Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • Advertising in Today’s Market – 4 Core Credits – $40 · Schedule

Elective Courses · Schedule

  • Are you Safe? – 3 Elective Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • 1031 Exchanges: What’s Trending Now & Anticipated Tomorrow – 3 Elective Credits – $30 · Schedule
  • Tidelands and Riparian Issues 101 – 2 Elective Credits – $20 · Schedule

Designation Courses · Schedule

  • ABR – 12 Ethics Credits – $295 · Schedule
  • SRES – 6 Elective Credits – $225 · Schedule
  • PSA – 6 Electives Credits – $99 – coming soon · Schedule

Ethics Course Descriptions

C20160548 Ethics in Today’s Real Estate World

Ethics: 3 Credits – $30

The National Association of Realtors (R) first wrote the code of ethics in 1913. Since we are obligated to abide by the code of ethics, this course will explain, in depth, how we can better work together. Further, this course will explain the tools available to enforce the code.

C20161210 Understanding Procuring Cause

Ethics: 3 Credits – $30

Who showed to property first? Who wrote the contract? These two questions are often confused with procuring cause. This three credit course will help you better understand procuring cause and the process by which you can claim your rights.

C20200263 Ethics and Moral Issues

Ethics: 3 Credits – $30

This course takes a look at the many definitions of ethics with an emphasis and look at both residential and commercial agent behavior with clients. A look at dual agency and how it affects ethical behavior.

Participants in this course will also review some actual case studies about ethical behavior.

Core Course Descriptions

C20160573 Whose Agent are You?

Core: 3 Credits – $30

Agency is one of the areas that produces the most lawsuits in our industry. This course is designed to help you better understand the role each of us has as an agent for a buyer or seller. This course will help you in your role as a dual agent when the situation arises.

C20160621 Agent Prepared Contracts & Attorney Review

Core: 3 Credits – $30

When can we use standard form contracts? Can we add terms to a contract? These and other similar questions that arise as we negotiate terms between buyers and sellers will be addressed in this course. This course will discuss in depth attorney review, when it begins and when it ends.

C20160546 Property Disclosure for the Real Estate Professional

Core: 4 Credits – $30

The consumer fraud act requires that every seller disclose any known physical defects to his/her property. This course will help you learn the answers to questions such as:

  • Is the disclosure required in writing?
  • Should I, as an agent, sign the written disclosure?
  • Do I need to tell prospective buyers about sex offenders in the neighborhood?

Fair Housing – Then and Now

Core: 3 Credits – $30

Fair Housing is a federal law and The Law Against Discrimination is a New Jersey law. As an agent it is important that you learn the differences between the two laws and that you act in a fair-minded way and provide equal service to all people. Commercial agents need to know that The Law Against Discrimination covers commercial and industrial property. Errors and Omissions insurance does not cover fair housing complaints.

C20160547 License Laws and Rules

Core: 3 Credits – $30

The laws and the rules and regulations of the Real Estate Commission take over 100 pages of small type to print. As an agent you are expected to know all of that material and to abide by it. This course covers advertising, agency, and office management in addition to a host of other requirements.

C20200265 Advertising In Today’s Market

Core: 4 Credits – $30

In this interactive look at advertising opportunities on the Internet this course is “a must” for today’s agents. A discussion about the movement from print to Internet is part of this course. The Real Estate Commission requires certain rules on all advertising. Those rules will be discussed during this CE course.

Elective Course Descriptions

C20200266 Are You Safe?

Elective: 3 Credits – $30

Since agents often go to vacant homes and/or meet with potential clients without knowing for certain who they are and since agents are often alone when doing an open house, safety is a major concern. This course will discuss many things for the agent to make part of his/her business practices.

C20200131 1031 Exchanges: What’s Trending Now & Anticipated Tomorrow

Elective: 3 Credits – $30

Presented by Margo McDonnell, President of 1031 Corp. This session focuses on the anatomy of 1031 exchange transactions over the last decade, giving a basic overview and their history. Participants will look at changes in exchange activity as well as the size and types of transactions. You'll also discover a number of recent trends, the anticipated growth over the next decade, and how you can capitalize on this information to grow your real estate business.

Tidelands and Riparian Issues 101

Elective: 2 Credits – $20

Presented by John Kammerer, President of Lafayette Title. Topics Include: the history of New Jersey tidelands, review of tidelands maps & grants, practical tips on taking waterfront listings, and the documentation and remedies available to landowners.

Designation Course Descriptions


Ethics: 12 Credits – $295

The goal of the 2-day ABR® Designation Course is to establish a foundation of training, skills, and resources to help real estate professionals succeed as a buyer’s representative. Students learn to:

  • Build a buyer-representation business
  • Value the services you perform on behalf of buyer-clients
  • Increase confidence to work toward a signed buyer representation agreement
  • Gain methods, tools, and techniques to provide the support and services that buyers want


Elective: 6 Credits – $225

The SRES® Designation Course helps real estate professionals develop the business-building skills and resources for specialization in the 50+ real estate market by expanding knowledge of how life stages impact real estate choices, connecting to a network of resources, and fostering empathy with clients and customers.


Elective: 6 Credits – $99 Dates coming soon

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to

  • Select appropriate comparables and make accurate adjustments to them, for use in developing home price opinions
  • Guide sellers and buyers through the details of CMAs and the underlying pricing principles that inform them
  • Interact effectively with appraisers